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Welcome to worldnyouGain, Give & Explore!

First of all, we would like to introduce you with worldnyou, what is it? It simply stands for “World and You”. Ok fine, now the next question comes to your mind, what’s our motto?  . It’s “Gain, Give & Explore!” we will discuss this a bit later, before that we gonna tell you who we are.

Who are we?

“Engineers by Profession, Explorers by Passion”

Yes! We are a team of Electronics and communication Engineers. We currently work in telecom sector full time, yes those long 8 hours. What about part time? We are here, for rest of the day by choice. We understand our responsibility being on such a platform like worldnyou. Our team strongly believes in working hard to provide you all the useful information you need. Our aim is to contribute our best to make this world a more beautiful and easy place to live where information sharing is an art.

What is it about?

It is about Gain, Give & Explore.  Now, what we actually mean by this. We think there must be some kind of positive things everywhere, other than just having food and sex which keep us alive and one of those is Curiosity. Everyone has their own life experience which changes his/her life, do share them. They might change the world as well to make it a better place. Let’s have a look on what we have for you.

GAIN will update you about what’s going on around the world in a unique way.

GIVE where you can tell your story and inspire the world.

EXPLORE includes a type of bonus information exposing things layer by layer.

Why are we here?

So what’s the reason we are here. Actually, there is not only one reason which pushed us to create this platform, but we gonna tell you the most dominant one.

“Time is precious,
Waste it wisely!”

Words are worth saying. We really believe this and sure that it means to you too. We value your time that’s why we came up with worldnyou. Let’s say, you spend 5 or 10 minutes on this platform, we assure you that it will be worth of your time. Even, we expect you spend more. 😉

We also want to share our MOTIVATION with you guys. We are a team of curious people who want to get updates on daily basis, not from the place we belong but from the whole world, especially the big ones. But the problem is we don’t always have all the time with us, due to this and a busy schedule we generally miss it somewhere. So this idea came to our mind to represent the information in a unique and friendly way which is also our strength.

Basically, this platform is a way to create communication between the world and you. Well! A two-way communication is always a right definition, you give, you gain. 😉

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