Earth and life

How did earth and life come into existence?

As we have discussed in our last article, how Black Holes play an essential role to form our galaxies. Now, the next step in stairway to development is formation of earth and life. Let’s see how!




Our solar system, the place we call home lies about 26000 light years from the center of our galaxy the Milky Way, more around  2/3 the way out. The story of how these huge planets came to be orbiting an average yellow star is 6 billion years long. It starts with a BANG! Long ago an ancient star exploded, littering space with swarming cloud of the materials what it made while it lived and the heavier materials it created as it died. We know this because we conceit similar field of dust out in space today, they are called as Nebulae and they are very beautiful. Every Nebula is different and in our case the clouds contained nitrogen and oxygen and iron and silica and all other stuff needed to build a world like ours. Then, the tireless force of gravity started to pull it all back together and the heavy engineering that produces planets begin. Vast spirals of dust begin to form and at the center of one of these a rocky planet called Earth started to take shape.


earth earlier




Fast forward 100 million years and it had grown into a giant ball.  This is where the earth came from and therefore how you and I begin. But our planet would remain a large steroid ball of rocks and metals and minerals forever where it not for one more event, one more expression of the forces of nature. 93 million miles away at the heart of giant Nebula, the pressure and temperature of a ball of hydrogen gas had become so great that the atoms were beginning to fuse, a new star our sun was coming to life. As the sun ignited, it gave of a huge blast of solo wave a radioactive gust of energy which blew all the remaining gas and dust that was left over from the nebula out to the edge of the solar system which is why everything is nice and over clean today. And the outer reaches of the solar system we have the huge gas planets Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune, further in are the denser rocky planets Mercury, Venus, Mars and of course The Earth. Luckier for us, the sun is 865000 miles in diameter or just the right size to burn consistently for a very long time 8 billion years long enough to allow the next development to take place Life!


solar system



Life is one of the strangest phenomena known. It shows the universe is capable of almost anything. Yet it amazes that we can know so much about how the universe began many billions of years ago. We have yet to discover how life itself begin the most likely explanation is probably we are an accident. Just by chance, some molecules bumped into each other at random until finally one formed that could copy itself. Then begin the slow process of evolution that led to all extra ordinary diversity of life on earth. Life seems to be simply what matter does given the right condition and enough time. Life is probably quite common throughout the universe but that’s not tale all together. As life develops, it changes the planet where it is born. After 4.5 billion years arrived on the same, but one thing often trouble people when they hear this theory how could chain of the events which results it in us be an accident. Perhaps science has revealed there is some higher superior setting the law of the nature so that our universe and we can exist. On the phase of it life does seem to be unlikely to be just a coincidence. Think about it! The earth lies at exactly the right distance from sun to allow liquid water to exist on its surface and the sun just happened to be right size to burn for billions of years long enough for life to have evolved.  The solar system is littered with all the elements needed for life. These elements themselves are only possible because of the older stars that did burn out. These older stars only existed because of the tiny unevenness in the early primordial gas. That was itself produced by a one in a billions barrels in the sea of particles that came from the Big Bang.



So, is there any grand designer who lined up all these good fortune? We will discuss it in next article.

Stay tuned.. Stay blessed! 🙂

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