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Boeing 737-800 crash in Russia! Was it an aviation safety breach?

Southern Russia’s Rostov-on-Don airport and its Saturday 03:50,(local time, 00:50 GMT), Boeing 737-800 (a plane wielded by FlyDubai) tries to land but misses the runway. The plane makes second attempt to land but unfortunately in the vain and gets crashed. Yes! The flight was originated from Dubai and supposed to terminate at Rostov-on-Don airport, located in Southern Russia and at the distance of 600 miles from Moscow.

“The plane was carrying total 62 people who all got killed. 44 Russians, 8 Ukrainians, 2 Indians and 1 Uzbek were the 55 passengers and 8 were crew members including the 2 pilots, who were from Cyprus and Spain,” said FlyDubai.

Reasons behind Crash

There’s no such listed cause for the crash but the considered one is, the high wind speed which was near 67 miles per hour at an altitude of 1640 feet as per associated press report. The high wind turned the visibility very poor for the pilots and this incident happened. The agencies said that aircraft was abandoned to land due to bad weather 2 hours ago. During second try, the plane hit the ground and got crashed. It was broken into pieces.

Aviation Safety

The term, Aviation safety is related to air travel and it has some guidelines which are essential to be followed by every airline. Aviation safety contains educational programs, training, regulations to control and prevent the flight or air travel failures. As it’s necessary to follow for every airline but are they following properly?


In 2014, Malaysia’s MH17 was crashed and now the FlyDubai’s 707-800. The picture isn’t clear about both of the crashes. Even, this time many agencies are saying the same thing that the cause was bad weather but still there’s suspense. On the other hand if we talk about MH17, there are certain rumors about it. Some say it was hijacked by Russians, some say it went out of control and was not approachable and the cause was a technical problem or bad weather etc.

Now the interesting thing is Aviation Safety report says that most of the accidents happen because of the Pilots errors than the mechanism failures. The report says that most common accidents are landing accidents and the reason can be judgmental error by the pilot or shortage of the skills.


FlyDubai airline manages more than 1,400 flights within a week and it was the first time when a plane from FlyDubai has been crashed. The airline was officially launched in 2008 and has been operating the flights from Dubai to Russia since 2013.


The CEO of FlyDubai, Ghaith al-Ghaith said that this crash shocked everyone and FlyDubai feel very miserable for all the passengers and crew members who are no more. He mentioned that their pilots were very experienced (5965 and 5769 hours) but unfortunately this was a hard day.

Airlines safety rankings 2016

The picture shows the latest ranking of the year 2016:

Airline safety top 10

Airlines (since) with nil fatalities record

Here’s the alphabetical list of some airlines which are having zero fatal record from their beginning of time. It doesn’t mean these airlines are the most safest to travel with. It might be their luck too. 🙂

  • Air Transat(1987)
  • Allegiant Air (1998)
  • Canadian North (1989)
  • Cape Air (1989)
  • Frontier Airlines* (1994)
  • GoJet Airlines (2004)
  • Hawaiian Airlines
  • Horizon Air (1981)
  • Jazz (Air Canada Express) (2001)
  • JetBlue(2000)
  • Omni Air International (1997)
  • Porter Airlines (2006)
  • PSA Airlines (1995)
  • Sky Regional Airlines (Air Canada Express)
  • Shuttle America (1995)
  • Southwest(1971)
  • Spirit Airlines (1992)
  • Sun Country Airlines (1983)
  • Trans States Airlines (1982)
  • Virgin America (2007)
  • WestJet Airlines (1996)

Airlines you should travel with

We discussed about the plane crash, certain failures that may happen and about the Aviation Safety. Now it’s the time to tell you that if you are gonna travel somewhere choose the airline wisely. Though, we listed the rankings according to the aviation safety and nil fatal records, let us also know you some good airlines to travel with:
(not only for safety reasons but including facilities, economy also)

qatar_airways. Qatar_Airways

Qatar Airways, Singapore Airlines, Cathay Pacific Airways, Turkish Airlines, Emirates, Etihad Airways, ANA All Nippon Airways, Garuda Indonesia, EVA Airways, Qantas Airways etc.


It isn’t get cleared that what was the real cause behind this Boeing 737-800 crash, we can’t properly say that it was a breach of aviation safety or high wind was the only reason. But Aviation safety report itself says that accidents often happen because of Pilot’s error than mechanical error. Whatever! We leave this question for you. It’s your thinking, how you see this.

Thanks for your time. Stay tuned 🙂

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