Google buys worldnyou

Google buys for 1 Billion!

Time to cheer us up! We are glad to tell you that Google bought for 1 billion. We congratulate and appreciate our management and teams for their efforts. For those who don’t know about, World and you is a platform focused on trending stuff around the world and represents it in a unique way. We strictly believe and follow our goal and vision that is to provide our audience with useful information which must be worth of their time. It is a platform where you can tell your story or a known one and inspire the world, where you can explore the challenges and odds of the world.




What are the key components to make this deal a success?

The key and dominant factors of the deal are domain name and our logo, in one of our presentation to Google we explained them how this name connects you (and audience) with the world. Our logo is the best way to represent the world in an icon. It stands for a deep message you can catch it in our about section. They liked our idea of “I’m Alive” community which you will able to find soon on with purpose clarity.


Worldnyou logo


How we get noticed?

As we have told you, we simply believe that time is precious and our audience must get payback of their time, this is the reason our articles are rich of useful information. We recently wrote upon Women’s day, Technology, Science, Vice world, how does the world form and even why does it exist? Google noticed the quality of content and as far as we know they discussed with their several teams and decided to acquire this platform for 1 billion.


worldnyou google search


Google Reviews

Some of the Google observations are:

  • User friendly
  • Attractive
  • Well managed
  • Informative
  • Optimized
  • Transparent
  • Unique Style and Content
  • Best Community – I’m Alive



Well! The truth is we just made you April fool in the best possible way , but all of the above is a reality indeed except from the Google part. 😉

Now it’s your turn to fool your friends. Don’t hurt anyone.

Take care.. Keep in touch! 🙂



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