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How a Sikh man defeated Cancer?

Mr. Dhillon – An Immortal Soul!

How much fortitude do you have?  Do you have the courage to smile under worst conditions? Yes! My dear friend, the circumstances may move hell on earth for you or heaven too. We always embrace the heaven and love to see ups in our life but what about downs?  We get disappointed. Let’s meet an immortal soul, “Mr. Rupinder Dhillon.”

Dhillon was a tall guy with bigger eyes. He was my classmate, roommate and friend like a big brother. He was the only child of his parents. I remember, when I saw him first time, my suspicious mind found him a druggist. It wasn’t my fault because from physique, eyes and his body language (confident enough) he looked so. But after some meetings I came to know about him that how far he was from drugs and all. I laughed on myself for judging him.

My first semester! During those 6 months, I had many memories with him and no doubt I learnt a lot from him. Though, that’s a different thing that during that period of time, I ignored his words and always replied him, “enough! man, don’t act like my parents”. He always tried to motivate me and gather good habits. Some words I still remember as it is. He used to get up early in the morning so after taking the bath he used to wake me up and his words was, “Man! Everyday, I get late because of you, just wake up and get ready, we have to go”. But the lazy me, “just 5 more minutes dude!”

After the exams we got vacations and went to our homes and at the beginning of second semester I called him up to discuss that when he is coming to the college. He replied, “I’m suffering from fever for last a few days and I’ll come once get well.”


Meanwhile, I left home for hostel and after some days I approached him again over the phone and asked, “How are you man?”

And the most shocking reply! “Dude, I’ll come after some time. Actually, I had gone through some medical tests and I come to know that I’m Leukemia positive (blood cancer).” How easily he was saying.

For a while, I got silent and then I said, okay! All jokes are over. Now tell me.

He replied again, “Seriously man it will take a while. My treatment is going on and the doctor advised me to stay at home for some time. After 20-30 days I’ll be there.”

Curiously, I asked, “what else doctor said? Will you get well within 20-30 days?”

He said, “Yeah! I’ll be fine but I have to take some medicines for long time.

I said, okay brother! Take care.


I continued to call him and getting the same answer. One day, just a week before final exams, I got a call from his parents. His mother said, “He’s not so well but still he wants to go for exams, please make him understand. He’s not listening to us.” I and one friend of mine tried to keep him at home but in vain. Even he got angry with us then we both went to his home to bring him to college.

He came to college with us and it seemed he is normal as there was no fear on his face. He reacted same like he was in first semester. But just 2 days before the exams he got seriously ill again. I called his parents and asked them to get him back to home. He went home and we got busy in our exams.

After 15-20 days, I got a call early in the morning that he’s no more. I thought, why couldn’t I do something for him. I had lost him. Somehow, my mother made me understand and a few days later, I and my friends attended his funeral with wet eyes. We tried to hide our tears in front of his parents and asked them not to weep.

It’s been 3 years and still, I call his parents and they treat me like their son. We discuss his bravery. His father said, “During his last time, he was vomiting blood, even from his nose blood was coming out but he hadn’t felt scared.”


He is no more but always remains alive in our heart. He is an inspiration for us, who proved that, death is a certainty. “Live bigger not longer”. I always feel glad to had such an inspiring friend and salute his parents who are living with the memories of their only child. I always love to talk to them.

So, next time when you get into a trouble remember it’s your attitude, not the trouble.

A true story!

RIP Late. Mr. Rupinder Dhillon

Meet him on facebook.


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