How we humans might extinct!

Is there any grand designer who lined up all this good fortune so that life could exist on Earth & How it might end? The answer is ‘not necessarily’. Yes, it’s true the God might not exist. Let’s know this and facts that will lead to human extinction in detail.



One of the reasons to deny God existence is ‘Imagine what if there were other universes once not as lucky as ours, each of this universes could have come from their own BIG BANG with different laws of physics and different conditions. In some gravity might not exist and there could be no life and in others hydrogen might not fused and so there would be no stars and again no life and for any number of reasons universes could have come and gone without producing anything at all. So perhaps we should not be too surprised to find ourselves in a perfect universe, orbiting a perfect sun, on a perfect planet because such perfect places are the only ones where life like ours can exist. We are one of the many products of the universe, the result of an ancient and elegant mechanism. But even this remarkable discovery is only just the beginning of what physics can tell us. We can find out what humankind will face in the distant future. And ultimately we might discover the face of the universe itself.


Multiple universes



One reason why you find cosmology interesting is that it tells not only where the vast web of galaxies in our universe came from but also what lays a tow for both the universe and us. It’s pretty exciting to be among the first human beings able to look forward for hundreds and even billions of years or may be as far as end of the time itself. It doesn’t only show the future of the cosmos, but also the enormous challenges our species will face. The earth that gave us life will not always be the blue sanctuary that it is today. The continents of our planet are drifting, fast forward 75 million years and they will be crusted towards the South Pole. No body know if the earth still be habitable then but the sad truth is we may not last long enough to find out. As we gaze into the future it turns out that the universe is pretty dangerous place.



Just look at our neighborhood, it’s littered with billions of asteroids ancient waste left over from the process that build the solar system. The possibility of one of these wiping us out isn’t just a stuff of Hollywood disaster movies, the threat from asteroid is real. We’ve even given some of them names one of them is Apophis, after mythical Egyptian demon a god of darkness and destruction. Discovered in 2004, Apophis is the size of 100 stories sky scraper, speeding through space at 28000 miles/hour 10 times faster than bullet it carries almost as much energy as all the world’s nuclear weapons combined and we know roughly where it’ll hit. The precise path not yet fully known but on April 2029 this huge rock is likely to pass within 23000 miles of the planet surface close enough to pass satellites in orbit around the earth and give us all the scare. Luckily, there is very little chance that Apophis will actually hit us but the problem with humanity is, in the space there is a way bigger rock. There are thousands of really large asteroids out here, some are over 10 miles long the size of Manhattan and asteroid this size hits the earth every million years or so. The last one struck the earth 61 million years ago and probably was responsible for wiping out the dinosaurs. We don’t know when the next asteroid will strike but if it’s big enough that it could sterilize our planet that would be the end of the 5 billion year long story of life on earth but even if we avoid such natural catastrophe we could all too easily end up destroying ourselves.






In the last 10000 years, humans have come to dominate the planet. It’s tempting to think we are evolution’s brand price. Some physicists believe intelligence is probably over-rated. It’s not necessarily a good thing for a species survival. Bacteria have knowledge without it for over 3 billion years, intelligence at least in our case leads to technology and there are many ways technology could wipe us out the most obvious of course the threat from nuclear weapons. Even if the risk of nuclear war happening in year is minimal say only 1 in a million, If we run those over hundred thousand years the chance of catastrophe falls 1 in 10. Even this might be over optimistic. Though, we have clever enough to design such weapon, not sure we are clever enough not to use them. As time marches into the future universes has other surprising in store. There are some powerful things out there some of which could destroy the earth without any help from us.


nuclear bombed city



As the universe continuous to dance to its ancient rhythm, stars will come and go in its relevant cycle and because there are hundreds of billions of stars there is always one dying in a supernova somewhere. In our galaxy for instant a star dies every 50 years or so which is about the briefest of moments to the universe. It’s just about conceivable that a supernova could damage the earth if you consider the likely long enough time scale. One kind of supernova discovered entirely by accident it thought to be particularly dangerous. In 1967, when the cold war at its height US military satellite pick up a massive burst called Gamma radiation. Gamma radiation is the most dangerous type of radiation known, it’s also a sign of atomic weapon where the gamma rays detected evidence of a new and powerful soviet bomb, thankfully the answer was no. After careful analysis of the data they discovered that the sudden bursts of the gamma rays were actually coming from space not even Russians have that kind of technology. Decades later we still don’t have proof of what causes the burst of radiations but there is well respected theory that they are produced by the special kind of supernova called a ‘Gamma ray buster’.

What’s more than might be one quite nearby hidden within spiral bloom of plasma 8000 light years from earth, it’s a star called WR 104. Deep inside the star itself it’s a bright sphere throwing of a shell of hot gas. If this star is what we think it is than as it dies it will produce two tightly focused beam of radiation one from each pole. The star destroys itself as it produces these beams which contain more energy than our sun can produce in its entire life, the brightest known phenomenon in the entire universe. No one is sure if WR 104 will do this but if it is so we would be baked in high intensity radiation with some devastating consequences. The beam will cause spectacular auroras stripping the ozone from the atmosphere allowing deadly radiation from the sun to strike the earth. It may sound like science fiction but this could be second time when sky is full of colorful waves (Radiation). 450million years ago over half of all living creatures were wiped out in a great extinction, one explanation is that a gamma ray buster radiated the planet so badly that the Earth ecosystem virtually collapsed.


Gamma ray burster



We don’t want to worry anyone but it’s a good idea for human race to venture far beyond the earth. We would be wise to keep ours eggs in as many baskets as possible. Thankfully that process has already begun. We will discuss it in next article.

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