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iPhone 5SE has been launched. Outstanding features and upgrade, within your budget.

Hello iphone lovers. Have you got exhausted trying to upgrade the iPhone 6S? Had you spent last few months with iPhone 6 and struggling with proper upgrade? Your excuses are over now. Apple has just launched iPhone 5SE which has features and success rate more than iPhone 5S as it has new A9 chip and Motion 9 processor, 12MP camera and many upgrades. This phone has the best size to be fit in your hand that is 4 inches and there also were some rumors like this, some sites mentioned this as 4 inches phone as well before the launch. The phone was rumored to be exact same shape as iPhone5S but no. It has a slight curved shaped than iPhone 5S. iPhone 5SE is gonna be a great deal as its cost to your pocket is worth considering its efficiency and features.

How iPhone5SE is a worth deal?

Cheapest price even after upgrade: Yeah! It has a worth price with excited features. Apple has set its cost to nearly USD 399 for the model with 16GB internal storage and USD 499 for the model has 64GB storage capacity.

A9 Processor: This small package of apple has new A9 processor and our dear friends, it’s not a slight upgrade. A9 is much more than A8. This 64-bit chip is 70 percent faster to do CPU tasks and 90 percent efficient in case of GPU tasks as compared to A8.


On the other hand, we all know about A8 very well and it was already impressive enough. It’s been said that this phone will be 3x faster than iPhone 5s. It supports 802.11ac Wi Fi with the speed up to 433 Mbps. Eventually best for Wi Fi calling.

Camera: Camera of iPhone 5SE is much more than the expectations. It was expected that this phone will be having 8MP camera similar to iPhone 5S and iPhone 6. But it’s been launched with 12 MP Camera including retina flash also, similar to iPhone 6s. It also has new image signal processor with focused pixels.


Its 63MP Panorama makes it more efficient to take 4K video at 30FPS. It’s also possible to take live photos which was first provided by iPhone 6S. Aside, this was needed too. As we see the other brands in the market are providing 12MP camera inside a phone costs just USD 200 only.

Storage Capacity: It’s launched with 16GB and 64GB unlike iPhone 5S which was limited to 16GB and 32GB. So in storage also, it’s one step ahead iPhone 5S. Though iPhone 6 and 6S are having the 64GB models but their higher cost, is also a factor.

Automatic shifting of colors: Apple has introduced one appreciable feature. Yeah! We also loved this one. At the time of evening iPhone 5SE automatically shifts the colors to warm tones. Believe me this is gonna help you to fall asleep comfortable. As it’s been proven that the phones affect our sleeping pattern. Especially, the blue light of the phones affect this. So, apple has put one warm tone feature in their IOS to serve you better. Enjoy 😉


As we’ve seen that Apple has considered the demands of the customers this time by improving the camera, processor and some new features like warm tones. Additionally how we can forget about its cost that is cheaper than expected with respect to the features. It’s all about the overview of this phone. If you want to purchase this phone, we recommend you to go for it undoubtedly. The only condition is if you can negotiate with size that 4 inches, otherwise per our discussion, we know how much faster and efficient it is within worth price.

Thanks for your time. We’ll be there with a new topic. Stay tuned. 🙂

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