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Menstruation – an Evil!

Menstruation – an Evil!

Hey there! 🙂 What you know about menstruation? What do you think about a woman if she’s going through her periods? Nothing special! Right? It’s quite normal. But I’m going to bring one interesting and hidden interdict to you, “Menstruation in Kenya”. Well! As we know today’s world is much educated and forward but still there are some places where we can find huge differences. Let’s explore this big interdict.

Menstruation is very special time in every woman’s life. During this period a woman likes to stay as clean, as dry and as comfortable as possible.In Nairobi(The capital of Kenya) Menstruation discussed openly. The women from Nairobi use tampons or sanitary towels during their periods and take it easy as any woman from the world does. But if we go away from Nairobi, there are some villages where women’s period is considered impure and unclean.

One from them is “Daba”. Women from this village suffer from a lot of proscriptions. Let’s know more:



When women have their periods they’re not even allowed to go to animal’s place (like goats din). They aren’t allowed to milk their cattle too. The villagers believe if a woman does so, all the animals may die. Women can’t walk near livestock during their periods. Women are prohibited to have milk or to eat meat too. The people of the village believe that if a woman comes near to a camel or have a camel’s milk, she’ll never be able to have children and her health will decline.

A woman can attend the wedding or any other cultural event during their periods but she has to give a sign to the people over there to avoid men to come near her. For this, she has to sit separately. People think if a woman goes near to a man, she will be cursed.


How Women face menstruation

Women from Daba simply wear their panties during menstruation. If their clothes get dirty with blood or it becomes very messy then they cut a piece of blanket and put that inside their panties to avoid this.

A piece of blanket

When it gets wet, they throw it anywhere and cut a new piece if required. They don’t use Sanitary towels or tampons and happy with a piece of blanket.


What Men do during their Wives have periods?

During this period, Men don’t go near to women. They don’t even talk to them. Men consider their wives very dirty at the time of their menstruation. For the sexual need, Men often go to other women. Some men are married to more than one woman. So if one has her menstruation period, definitely! Her husband will go to the second wife of him.


As that woman completes her menstrual period, she informs her husband regarding this. Then he comes back to the place.


Teen Girls during menstruation

The women feel embarrassed to talk to their daughters about this. Even the girls don’t want that their parents come to know about their periods. The parents know about their daughter’s periods by her dirty clothes with red spots and after that they speak to their daughter and make them understand about menstruation in their own cultural and traditional way.

Daba Girls

Apart from this, there are some places in Kenya where school girls are not allowed to go to school during their menstrual period. Various research and studies listed menstruation as a key barrier to the attendance of girls in school. An average Kenyan girl misses school 4.9 days every month. Their parents want them to study and be educated but still the traditional thoughts of their parents are pushing them back.


Kenyan Government and NGOs involvement

The good news for Kenyan women is that Kenyan government and many NGOs are working for women health and position. Menstruation is one of the major issues they have. Government is providing funds free tampons and other sanitary material to the rural people in Kenya. Girls are getting education about menstruation by awareness programs. Girls are also provided with the necessary material a woman needs during her periods in their schools.

So it’s a good step. We must appreciate this.



Well! This world is full of biodiversity, full of people with different cultures and believes. We should always respect every single person if he/she has different belief from us. But if any traditional and unnecessary belief becomes a barrier to someone’s life and there is a solution for that. Then, we should talk and make that person understand that Hey buddy! It’s time to change your opinion, you have a better option and the only constant thing in the world is “change”.

I think Education is a thing which can reduce our differences. So, be educated. Educate the world.

Stay tuned. More power to women. 🙂

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