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How to be a smartphone expert indeed in just 5 minutes?

How to choose the best smartphone? How to be a smartphone expert? You probably find articles which claim that they tell you about the best phone available in the market, but they never tell you about the reason why they are the best.
For a techie, it may be easy to find it out but what about the common people. So this article is for all those people who see ‘RAM’ as a text, not as ‘Random access memory’ which improves your mobile performance by loading the apps in it from your storage which saves fetching time and make processing quick and better. 😛
MESSY? Well! Don’t worry we are here to make you understand. Let’s discuss primary technical aspects in easiest way. Some real life examples and comparisons will help you out.





2G supports voice call and basic data services (Internet).
3G supports voice & video calls and fast data services.
4G supports voice & video calls and data services are fast enough that you can watch HD TV live.
G (Generation) with the higher number implies more advanced technology and better features. We are not entertaining the figures here because our motive is to make you understand what that figures actually mean.

Let’s suppose, your mobile network support = track & your service Connection = Car. Now if your car (connection) has a top speed of 100km/hr (say 4G) and track (mobile network support) has a limit of 10km/hr max (say 2G) due to a hospital (technology restriction in our case) on it, you can’t fly over the others. The same thing happens with your cell phone. If your track (mobile network support) allows you to run your car (connection) at 100km/hr so you can easily find your way.

*Always choose G support to the maximum however, it always depends upon your pocket.



OLED (Organic light emitting diode) are the best displays available in the market manufactured by Samsung, whereas, size of the display is always a personal choice.
One thing which needs to be considered is more pixels per inch which result in more clarity. Things like multi-touch can give you better gaming experience.

You can relate a display with retina of a human eye where we create/perceive an image of the visual world.

*Always choose a phone with higher Pixel density (e.g. 503ppi).





When you say my phone has Quad-core 2.3 Ghz processor, what does it actually mean?
Processor is the brain of your phone. When phone has to process some data or information CPU comes into action. Alike, you are making use of your mind to understand this article right now.
So, what’re these Quad and 2.5Ghz (Clock frequency or operating frequency)?
Quad or Dual core doesn’t mean that your phone become 4 times or 2 times faster. It simply means that your phone break a big task into multiple small tasks and handle it with different CPU or you can say multiple tasks are handled by multiple CPU (i.e. brain of your mobile phone) which turns out into better efficiency and performance.

To understand it better take an example of a Hotel, where you dine to have some food and there are people other than you. Refer feeding them as a Task which CPU needs to be done. Now, suppose there is only one staff (Single Core CPU), so it will take time for him to take order, cook, and serve it to you and you are not alone. If there were two staff personnel (Dual core CPU) one to take orders and one to cook, it will be easy and fast, if there were four people (Quad core CPU) two to take orders and two to cook, it will be more easy and faster. The chain goes on.
Now, 1Ghz and 2.5Ghz (Clock frequency or operating frequency) is the frequency on which staff personnel are taking and cooking orders, more the clock frequency, better the speed of operations.

*Always choose a phone with greater operating frequency and No. of cores (CPU).



A GPU (GRAPHIC PROCESSING UNIT) is just a dedicated staff personnel which deals with graphical calculation and transformation (Gaming and other stuff), so that main CPU (or other CPU’s) need not to bother it.
It is also measured in MHz generally, which is another unit of frequency at small scale.

*Adreno 330 is the world fastest GPU.





Operating system is a software that allows mobiles to run other application and programs. It also manages network connectivity.

You can refer it to a manager which control and coordinates other applications after taking directions from you (as a director).

*IOS 9 for apple, Lollipop and Marshmallow for android are the trending ones.



RAM (RANDOM ACCESS MEMORY) is a fast memory which improves your mobile performance by loading the apps in it from your storage which saves fetching time and make processing quick and better. It is generally measured in GB. (e.g. 2GB, 4GB)

Now what does this 4 GB mean? Let us give you a task to understand it better. Suppose You have two buckets, one filled with balls and another one is empty. You have to shift the balls in empty bucket. Now your hands come into action, but you have only two hands (2GB) which limit the speed. Here, hand represents 1GB of RAM and balls represent Data. Ultimately, your goal is to fill the empty bucket, your brain (CPU) will give you the command for it, you will pick the two balls from the filled bucket (Memory storage) and drop them into empty one (Destination according to the task). But if you would have two extra hands (i.e. 2+2 = 4GB) balls can be move faster or we can say quick operation was possible.

*A big ram can handle big data that leads to faster operations.



It is an important part of your phone where you store media (Video, Music, Pictures) stuff. A large memory storage or memory support implies you can enjoy more no. of songs, pictures and other stuff.

*For this HD generation, a smartphone must have 16 GB of minimum space or SD card support.





One of the key features of any phone, generally speaking it is eye of your smartphone and has the same work what your eyes have. How to figure the best camera?
First of all, it must have a reasonable sensor e.g. 13 megapixels, but megapixels are nothing to do with  clarity, with more megapixels you are allowed to take wider photographs with less distortion i.e. it allows you to crop images without losing the quality results in better editing.
Phase Detection Autofocus (PDAF) is the latest technology in the market allows a 0.1s ultra- fast focusing technique commonly found in DSLR cameras.
You will find Aperture in camera section now days, smaller the aperture size say f1.2, better the camera than f2.2. Aperture is similar to Pupil of human eye, it allows light to come in.

*A decent smartphone must have all the above features in a Rear camera of 8MP and front camera of 5MP or Greater.



Sensors work same as the human body senses (touch, smell, sight) and in smartphone world they are as below.

Fingerprint Sensor: An additional security features that dramatically changes the way we secure our phones. Unlock the phone on your finger tip.

Accelerometer: An instrument for measuring the acceleration of a moving, responsible for features like shaking and gaming controls.

Gyro: It tracks rotation or twist of the phone helps in 3D gaming.

Proximity: It senses nearby objects to prevent unwanted touch inputs.

Compass: It senses magnetic field responsible for features like GPS navigation and directions.

Barometer: It helps in better GPS signal and atmospheric update.



It gives your phone all the power to enjoy all the stuff we have just discussed. It’s measured in mah (milliampere hour).

Greater number means backup for long hours. (e.g. 4000mah)

*Li-Ion batteries are the trending ones, phones should have a battery of 2000 mah capacity to work out smoothly.



Rest of the things like body and design are individual choice, that’s why we have not discussed it here. So next time when you plan to buy a smartphone don’t believe anyone, just believe yourself.

Stay tuned.. Stay blessed! 🙂




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