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“Monster Jam world finals 2016” knocks the door, Checkout the expected winner!

Hello world! Just one day to go for Monster Jam World Finals XVII and the racing lovers aren’t able to hold their internal monster which was just waiting for 17th March to come.

Yeah, my dear friend! Monster Jam 2016 World Finals are scheduled on 17th -19th March 2016 at Sam Boyd Stadium in Las Vegas, Nevada. The people are excited enough to enjoy 17th Monster Jam World Finals.

Monster Jam World Finals

The Monster Jam World Finals is an event about racing and freestyle competitions now contains young guns shootout too. It’s an annual event which has very high profile and media coverage. Monster truck qualifiers directly face the champions of previous year. The selection of trucks and drivers depends upon the previous events performance, especially the Fox sports 1 championship which held in winters.

Origin of Monster Jam World Finals

In 1970’s, it was the first time when the pickup trucks came in sports. Mud bogging and Truck pulling were the popular games during those days. Later on many organizers came into the market but the one got popular is, “Monster Jam world Finals”. This event contains freestyle racing and racing with many obstacles like mud and jumpers in the tracks. It started with around 16 trucks but with the time more number of trucks started to become a part of this Monster Jam event.


There are certain things which attract the world to this event like while performing some of the trucks get out of control and get damaged badly whereas some show awesome stunts as well. All depends upon the Truck and the driver. Eventually, it’s an amazing experience to watch Monster Jam World finals event.

Monster Trucks

Monster Trucks are made up from pickup truck bodies and modified with heavy and large wheels and tires. For better and weird look, designers choose truck logos, truck names and front design. The designs get chosen similar with a monster mouth. Here are the five most loved monster trucks:

  1. Grave Digger: According to the people votes, Grave Digger is the most iconic and influential truck among all other Monster Trucks. Grave Digger was created in 1982 and Feld Entertainment owns it.


Grave Digger has secured a large number of victories. Many drivers have chosen this truck but the flagship driver is Dennis Anderson.

  1. Maximum Destraction: Second popular truck is Maximum Destraction which is also known as Max D, created in 2003. The owner of this truck is Tom Meents who was the first driver of this truck as well. Later, Neil Elliott, Colton Eichelberger, Jared Eichelberger has also driven this. Almost in every championship or series, Max-D secures second or third position.


  1. Blue Thunder: Third most loved truck, The Blue Thunder is also owned by Feld Entertainment, created in 2001.Tyler Menninga was the creator and first driver of Blue Thunder. It was a replacement for Big Foot. Blue Thunder is a powerful truck, has won several competitions but unfortunately not any championship yet.


  1. EI Toro Loco: EI Toro Loco is at 4th position in fame and owned by Feld Motorsports. It was created by SFX and PACE motorsports in 2001.


Lupe Soza was the first driver of this truck who has driving experience since 1980s. Marc McDonald, Chuck Werner, Aaron Basl, Ryan Huffaker, and Becky McDonough are also there in the list of drivers of EI Toro Loco.

  1. Shock Therapy: Shock Therapy or Amsoil Shock Therapy has custom body and successful in sudden impact racing. Since 2008 it had many drivers. Initially it was sponsored by Amsoil.


Some more well known and successful trucks are:

  • Tropical Thunder
  • New Earth Authority
  • Monster Mutt, Zombie
  • The Bird of Ice
  • Pirate’s Curse
  • Madusa
  • Dragon’s Breath
  • Northern Nightmare
  • Disney XD
  • Iron Man
  • Brutus etc.

Monster Jam World Finals Expected Winners

According to the performances of some last series, Grave digger seems to be the champion. In AMSOIL series east Grave digger secured first position with 88.5 points and was driven by Cole Venard. In AMSOIL series west also, Grave digger topped the rank with 87.5 points and the driver was Morgan Kane. During these series, Zombie and Maximum Distraction secured second positions with 70 and 70.5 points respectively.


In FS1 championship series also, the winner was Grave digger with 24 points. This time it was driven by Adam Anderson. So it doesn’t matter who’s gonna drive Grave digger, it is the best among all. The runner up of this championship was Monster energy with 13 points. Max-D was the second runner up with 8 points.

Watch Live Telecast and Buy Tickets

Okay! So are you interested in this event? Wanna watch from the stadium? Book the tickets of Monster Jam World Finals XVII competitions at the Official Site of Monster Jam World Finals. Even tickets for Monster Jam World Finals 2017 are also available on the site.

Alternatively, you can enjoy the live telecast on your television sets. Fox Sports is going to catch the live action and the same will be brought to you, actually over 200 countries.


Monster Jam World Finals, Racing, Competitions, Monster Trucks, muddy tracks and all, Wow! It’s going to be wild. These tags ultimately define the joy of this event. Isn’t it? We are sure that it’s gonna rock the world as it happens every year. We also find this, an incredible event. It’s awesome to watch the racing as well as the weirdest trucks.

We wish all competitors the very best of luck. Hey! fans, keep supporting. Cheers!!

Enjoy the event. See ya! 😉

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