Our Logo

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Here, we are going to tell you some facts about worldnyou’s logo.
Idea behind our logo is to create a unique identity so that you can recognize us in the crowd and simultaneously describe this beautiful world as much as we can within it. As you see, our logo has round shaped icon replicating earth and a combo of 7 bands. Each band holds a unique color and significance.

Let’s check out what they are.

round R

It consists a band of:

Black + Grey    which represents        “SPACE”.
Sky Blue           which represents        “SKY”.
White                which represents        “PEACE”.
Red                   which represents        “LOVE”.
Black                which represents        “SORROW”.
Blue                  which represents        “WATER”.
Brown              which represents        “LAND”.

With space, you can refer to all those stars out there or can imagine life on mars. Love can be temporary or can be last long. You can lead a water conservation campaign or can find a way to extract hydrogen from water. It’s all about your perception what comes to your mind after looking at these words.
So, this is what it represents ‘THE VAST WORLD’.

See ya! 🙂