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Some easy steps to look after your bike

We all love our bikes, don’t we? Even there are people who treat their bikes as their girlfriends or life because they love them as much. But do we really care about them? Today we are going to discuss some easy steps by which you can extend your bike’s life by 3-4 years.
Before we discuss the technical aspects about how we can increase or extend bike’s life first step is to wash it by water and make it clean so that servicing will be easier.




* Remove and clean inside of your carburetor (injectors etc.) and re-tune the carburetor.
* De-carbonize your engine and clean the spark plugs.
* Clean or Change air, fuel and oil filter.
* Remove chain, clean off old grease and dust, re-lubricate the chain and make sure you don’t keep it loose on the sprockets also clean the sprockets and check for bends and teeth condition.
* Remove exhaust and clean the catalytic converter (also remove carbon, grease etc. from it)
* Check your suspension, oil seals and re-lube the suspension.
* Flush off old oil, grease, grime, dust and dirt from the engine and gearbox, pour in new fully synthetic oil from motul, castrol etc.
* Fully recharge your battery and check the condition of the wires,  coil, LED lamps, indicators and headlamps and replace fused ones.
* Completely remove air from tyres, check for holes, cracks and pops and then fill in Nitrogen. (Do not overfill or under fill Nitrogen)
* Check your alloy rims for cracks, bends, rust, cuts and fix them right away.
* Check your brake pads or brake shoes and make sure they are not rubbing the disc or drum unnecessarily, fill up brake fluid too.
* Check and re-calibrate RPM meter, fuel meter and the odometer.
* Check for lose plastic parts like under engine cowl, tank cowl, mudguards, rear fenders, air filter box, battery box, headlamp visor, indicators, meters and tighten all of them so you won’t feel and hear rattles.
* Please do replace rusted bolts, nuts, washers etc.
* Exhaust metal pipe is prone to rust and is an issue for most of the bikes, just sandblast it so rust will removed, re-paint the Area with Black Color.




You can completely disassemble your engine and gearbox and check the piston, crankshaft, head gasket, valves, springs, clutch, gear teeth conditions, kick gear.
But this one is not recommended before completing 30,000 KM because until there, everything is gonna be fine.

Happy Riding! 🙂

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