Why does the world exist?

Why does the world exist?

Why do we exist?  How had it started? What are we doing here? What’s the purpose of our life? These are some questions which we must think of at least once in our life, doesn’t matter if we are the theists, the agnostics or the atheists. Some of us have found these answers in the Bible, some of us have come up with different theories and rest of us are still searching for their own. However, today we are going to discuss the scientific side of the story.




The Vast Universe & Doppler Shift – Understanding the basics

As we all know we are just an advance breed of monkey live on a small planet, but we are able to contemplate universe as a hollow, which makes us special. But why do this universe and world exist at all, luckily there are clues everywhere and the most important one is right above our heads. Examine any patch of the night sky, even one is small as the head of a pin and this is what you will find, a tiny part of the vast web of galaxies, it’s less than a millionth of what we conceive the cosmos from our little planet. Even this tiny sample is enough to find the clue, the key to the past, the preset and perhaps the future too.

The clue noticed from earth is all these distant galaxies are slightly red in color. This may explain us how the universe was born?  To understand it better, let’s imagine a scenario of a straight road and a noisy car.


Doppler shift

As you can see in the above model, when a car approaches to you the pitch of the engine’s sound rises or in other words we can say frequency increases and when a car goes away the pitch of engine’s sound falls or we can say frequency decreases.  This phenomenon is called a Doppler shift. The exact same thing happens with light. If our eyes were more sensitive to color we conceive the car is very slightly blue as it approaches and very slightly red as it goes away. The same rules apply in space. All distant galaxies are red in color. So by the exact same piece of basic physics they must all be moving away too. In fact, the whole universe is expanding in all directions getting bigger and bigger like a balloon inflated.


Expanding redness



Beginning of Everything

To work out where the universe came from all we need to do is to stop time and make it run in reverse to the very beginning. Let’s imagine everything close together a lot close together. All the galaxies in fact every single thing converges to a single point, the start of everything 13.7 billion years ago. A very long time ago, the universe simply bursts into existence an event called   “THE BIG BANG”. At the very beginning, the BIG BANG actually happened in total darkness because light didn’t exist yet. There was no outside of anything because space didn’t exist yet either. The only place there was, was inside. That early universe was very strange thing indeed. The standard concepts of time or space don’t really apply to it. It was just a very tiny ultra-hot funk of energy.





How lucky are we?

Then it expanded, with the tremendous flash of radiation, from smaller than an atom to about the size of the orange in less than a trillionth of a sec, almost no time to owe. The universe just inflated into existence, unfolding, unfirming getting bigger and cooler with every passing moment. Within 100 seconds it is as big as our solar system trillions of miles across. While this was happening a pure energy of cosmos begins to cool and create matter in the form of countless trillions of sub atomic particles. Half these particles were made of matter the same kind of matter which makes us. The rest were made of the opposite of matter, stuff called anti matter. When they meet they destroy each other in a flash of energy. It seems building universe was a pretty wasteful process. Fortunately, there was just a bit more matter than anti matter, just 1 in a billion particles survived which was lucky for us because that residue is what our present day universe is made of. You could say we are made of the smoke of the BIG BANG.


Matter anti-matter collision



Role of Gravity

By the time the cosmos was 10 minutes old it was a ready thousands of light years in diameter. After that, everything spread out and cooled for about 330,000 years, when finally the fog cleared and the universe became visible. The next thing that happened was pretty spectacular too. Let’s see how the cloud of gas into a place filled with perhaps a hundred billion galaxies swirling in a vast chaotic dance.



So what drove this cosmic clockwork? It was the force of gravity (All object attracts each other, greater the mass, the stronger the pull). It had the same job at that time which it has now in the 21st century it keeps you and me stuck only earth. In early universe, gravity had a much bigger role to play. Right off to the big bang the universe is just gas perfectly spread out throughout space. Over the next 200 million years gravity begin to pull the gas back together to produce the very first structure from which everything else would grow. At even this very nearly didn’t happen, if it went for another stroke of cosmic lock then there would be no you, no me, no star, no planet or anything at all.

To understand cosmic lock better, let’s imagine a flat and clear surface say a dining room’s floor and fill the place with ball Bearings. These balls represent the matter of the early universe, the thin gas spread out evenly across the vast cosmos. If all the ball bearings are the same distance apart, gravity pulls each ball the same amount in all directions they stay perfectly aligned and precisely nothing happened, here we have lock concept. Fortunately, one of the basic rules of the universe is that nothing is perfect. Affection simply doesn’t exist. So let’s remove 3 or 4 balls from the floor at random places. It may not look like much has changed but to gravity those missing balls create a grand opportunities. This allows gravity to pull more strongly on one side, and this is exactly the same what happened to the young universe. Gases are clumped together by gravity and all the stars and galaxies were formed. The cosmos had taken its first step towards the beautiful place it is today. All thanks to irregularities and imperfections.


Cosmic lock



So next time, when someone complains that you have made a mistake tell him/her that may be a good thing because without imperfection neither you nor I would exist. 🙂
We have just gone through some interesting and valid points according to “Stephen hawking’s theory of Everything” explaining why do the world exist and how had it started?  Now, the question comes what’s the purpose of our life? Well, it’s to serve the humanity in any way. However, it all depends on you. How you see yourself as a matter or anti-matter. 😉

Some most famous sayings which describe our purpose of life:

“In the end, the number of prayers we say may contribute to our happiness, but the number of prayers we answer may be of even greater importance.”
-Dieter F. Uchtdorf

“The purpose of human life is to serve, and to show compassion and the will to help others.”
– Albert Schweitzer

Be happy! Stay tuned..


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