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World’s weirdest relationships, you need to know

What are your limits in your relationship? Is there any deal you put up with? Would you negotiate in your relationships? Would you appreciate an emotional feeling of human beings towards an object?
This strange kind of relationships made us stunned and we couldn’t help ourselves to share this with you.

We! Humans and all other social species, we live together and form bonds with others of our kind. Some of our powerful relationships are those that involve affection, sex, intimacy and some kind of attachment. But around the world, there are variations. Meet some partners who are very disparate from rest of the world.

Davecat & Sidore from United States

Davecat is a matured male and he considers a doll as his wife which is mostly made up of silicone. He named his wife, “Sidore.” Even though, he has to carry his silent spouse from room to room. He dresses her, cleans her. He sees no shame in his relationship with a synthetic doll.

st love

His words, “I actually feel quite proud to be her husband. She’s not possessive and if I want to be alone, she never minds. She’s very loyal to me and accepted me without knowing me unlike an organic woman.” He also mentioned that his relationship with her is monogamous and he hasn’t had any relationship with any real woman for last one decade.

Cunningham & his dolls from England

Like Mr. Davecat, he isn’t satisfied with one doll partner. He currently has 9 dolls as his wives. He has just dolls in his family and he loves to spend time with this family.


He believes these are the better people than the real ones. He finds interaction with real women, very difficult and enjoys the company of dolls because he doesn’t need to speak anything to them. He said all he needs is a good looking woman to have sex with. He brings new dolls to home and he feels this like a new date. He tries to impress that doll too and later that doll satisfies him with sex and companionship.

Dino and Harley from Australia

Dino and Harley are not married but they live together as a couple. Despite making commitment to each other they have separate sex with strangers. They call it, “Negotiable Infidelity.” They date strangers and allow each other to have sex with or for one night stands. Whenever one partner meets the third person, another one appreciates it and allows him/her to spend one night with them in their bedroom separately. They believe it keeps their relationship strong. They both have suffered many disappointments in their previous relationships, their partners cheated on them for sex. Now, in order to avoid this kind of happenings, they’ve chosen this way.

Dino n Harley

Dino has researched and written some books on sex and infidelity. She finds sexual monogamy, against the human instant and very unnatural. She decided the best way to ensure a man stay committed to his partner is to allow him to sex with others.

The couple says that their key to negotiated infidelity is controlled. They’ve set boundaries for each other. They both allow each other to have sex with any third person but not the intimacy. According to them the intimacy contains: curling, spooning etc. They believe if people follow Negotiated Infidelity, it’s possible to reduce number of divorces due to cheating.

Philip & his wives from England

Philip is a Polygamist. Over 15-20 years Philip built his family by taking wife after wife and each have willingly joined him. He has 7 wives and 12 children, even it’s illegal in Britain and other western nations.

philipPhilip wives

When dealing with the public, they get huge criticism but still he and all of his wives are happily living together. He sits with his family to discuss the issues and none of his wives have any kind of jealousy with the each other. He believes while living in a big family you don’t think just for yourself. You be busy and think for whole family and this is the thing they are living together happily.


According to the experts, the men who love dolls are dominant kind of nature.  They find things easy to control and dominant than human beings. and it’s all about their brain. Sometimes it’s just a trigger that people go crazy about the things and they do disparate things like some people love their bike, some love their job. But this doll love is really quite different.

According to Dr. Helen Fisher, Men don’t often cheat on her partner and women too. She thinks, cheating and problems have been happening with every man and woman in the world. Harley and Dino are just negotiable in their relationship and it doesn’t mean their past is the reason for this. Even they don’t know the exact reason.

In Philips’s case, they say, for most of the women sharing her husband would be unacceptable. Even in past Polygamists were common in some societies and it’s been changed with time. Today, it isn’t a part of the western culture but in some cases women may accept this especially in such cases where they get emotional attachments with family.



Well! Every single person has something unique. We should always embrace the common and good things of the people. Aside, we should respect the differences as well. We can’t point any of these persons as right or wrong because we are not an expert at all. But yeah! We find them interesting and strange.


We hope you enjoyed these queer personalities of the world.

Keep smiling. Will see you again. 🙂

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