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World Wildlife Day

How come?

World Wildlife Day was proposed by Thailand at United Nations General Assembly, to celebrate and raise awareness on Wildlife. We have all studied about Flora and Fauna in our primary school, right? In case, they got blur in your mind somewhere, let me help you out to make a recall.
Flora refers to all plants life of any particular region or time. Whereas, Fauna refers to all animal life of any particular region or time, this is what it is all about.
This time theme of the event is “The future of wildlife is in our hands”, with a sub-theme
“The future of elephants is in our hands”.
So, next time do remember 3rd march as World Wildlife Day. By the way, why do you even bother it? Let’s have a look.


How human activities are affecting wildlife and consequences?

We all know that human race is responsible for Climate change and Global warming caused by increased level of carbon dioxide which is produced by excessive use of fossil fuels. It forces all the animals and plants to cooler climates or uphill.
Some species are about to extinct due to climate change.




Some people support Hunting by saying it’s a natural thing and have already wiped many animal species. These people pay money to organizations where they grow up some species in excess for hunting which again turns into ecological balance. But there are also some people who think hunting is immoral and should be banned.




Deforestation plays a major role in affecting wildlife. Humans are dominating more and more landscape day by day. Why?  Reason is simple, the way population is increasing (7.125 billions), industrialization and feeding (increased by 70%). Such huge population is the major cause and big reason to worry. 🙁




Now, if we don’t stop ourselves here. We may face Horrible Consequences soon. According to a claim, Albert Einstein once said, “If the bee disappears from the surface of the earth, man would have no more than four years to live. No more bees, no more pollination! no more men!“ and many of the experts agree with it and some have different view on this, according to them there will be shortage of food directly by 50 to 60%, which can again become a disaster for Mankind. The numbers are drastically dropping down. A big ALARM!

So, next time when you think of hurting “Mother Nature” be ready for the same, because what goes out comes back in.


Initiatives and Role of Media

No doubt, UN itself took a major step towards raising the awareness on Wildlife, by announcing 3rd of March as World Wildlife Day, but is this enough? We think media plays an outstanding role in making us aware of the situation, telling us the limits, making us understand about the animals better and many more. Media put serious efforts in documentary and series running worldwide and of course, people are loving it.
Credit goes to TV Channels like Animal Planet, Discovery and Nat Geo Wild, Magazines like BBC Wildlife, national Wildlife, Zoobooks, The Zoologist and many more.
Some brand ambassadors of wild life are below let’s check it out.


craig Steve_Irwin


What needs to be changed?

As we know, industrialization, fossil fuels and food are essential in today’s world. We can’t ignore this fact. So, what can we do to protect Wildlife and ultimately us?
The very first step is to respect Mother Nature. Don’t insult it by wasting whatever you have either it is food, resource or energy. The problem with us (humans) is we don’t care when we have it and regret later, this phenomenon applies worldwide. You don’t bother to turn off your car on a signal and electrical appliances at home, If we come to know that they gonna extinct today, we start blaming and regretting ourselves to all our stupidity and ignorance. We are not gonna tell you here how climate change, global warming, fossil fuels, turning off your car’s engine and even that single fan and light bulb is interconnected because this article is not about energy conservation. Moreover, we already have so many articles on this topic and we all understand this. But the question is are we really taking this into account as a major threat? If not then we need to change our Attitude and Mindset.


World Wildlife Day


The other side of the story

We have talked about a merciless world. Is this what being a Human is all about? If you think so you are wrong. There are people and organizations who/which went and are still going out of the way to help wildlife.
Some of the most famous organizations are International Fund for Animal Welfare, Sea Shepherd Conservation Society, Defenders of Wildlife, Panthera, Save the Manatee Club .
People also individually went out, they are setting examples for us.
The profession of wildlife management was established in the United States in the 1920s and ’30s by Aldo Leopold.
Amrita Devi laid down their lives in an effort to protect the trees from being felled on the orders of an Indian king. (Leader of Chipko movement)
Jeffrey Corwin (born July 11, 1967) is an American animal and nature conservationist also executive producer at Animal planet.


Awareness is everything! More we aware and educate people about the outcome or consequences of what we are doing today will remain alive a hope of our better future.
Hope! We will not give ourselves a chance to regret this time. 😉

It’s never too late.. Stop Thinking, Start-Acting! **

Stay tuned! Stay blessed! 🙂



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